I'm making a new record and need your help!

Here's how it works.  Below you'll see a bunch of investment levels.

It's like a musical menu. Choose the level that you can afford and when the album is done you'll get cool stuff. 

You are my record label. There's really no such thing as an "independent musician."  Your support means the world to me. 

The project is called Jim Trick - The Innocence of Distance.

Big love to you and yours. 




Let's Get Down! $10

This level gets you a digital download of the new album.


Listen up! $20

This level gets you a signed per-release copy of the new album and a digital download.


Hungry for Music! $40

If you’re hungry for music, you’ll not only get the stuff from listen up, but you’ll also get my game changing chicken soup recipe. (Unless you’re vegan, in which case my vegan mac n cheese recipe… Yes I have one.) 


Fit To Print $75

Fit To Print contributors will receive everything listed in all of the previous packages, plus handwritten lyrics from your favorite Jim Trick song. 


Hey Coach $175

This level gets you everything in Listen Up and Hungry for Music plus a confidential, one on one, one hour, coaching session. What are you working on? Let’s work on it together!


This One’s For You $1000

Invest in this level you’ll receive everything listed in all of the previous packages, plus I will write you your very own song.  


Here Fishy Fishy $1500

My friend and I will guide you on a half day fly fishing trip here in Massachusetts. You don’t need to know anything or have any gear. Heck, I’ll even pack a delicious lunch. You’ll also get the other stuff. (Excluding the custom song) *Travel to MA not included.


Live In Your Living Room $2000

I will perform a private show in your livingroom or any or anyplace that has walls and a roof. You’ll also get the new album, recipe and and handwritten lyrics. (Travel and lodging not included)


I've got this $12,000

This level pretty much includes whatever you want. We'll discuss!



This is the level where you don't want a lot of stuff but would like to support the album with whatever you feel like giving. :)