“His gentle and authentic stage presence combined with awesome songwriting make for a delightful show.”

No Depression Magazine



“Jim has a real gift of bringing a room together when he performs.  His positive energy and captivating music engages the audience!. His music carries a universal flow of emotions and experience that we can all identify with.”

Anya Zakiewicz, Simple Gifts Coffeehouse, Nashua, NH


“With the release of his latest album “Further From The Tree” on Ring Street Records, singer/ songwriter Jim Trick has once again shown why he is one of the most important voices in independent music today. As a wordsmith Jim can hold his own amongsuch other writers as Pierce Pettis, Brooks Williams & Tom Conlon. Sonically the album has a totally professional feel to it and should be a welcome addition to any serious music collectors library.”

Grandfather Rock 88.1fm & WCWP.org


“One of New England’s top songwriters”

Berklee College of Music


“Listening to Jim Trick’s songs and voice are like getting a hug from an old friend. A friend that knows you well. His music lets me let me take off my armor and feel welcomed into a world where I know I’m understood, not alone, and truly invited into. Wonderful stuff.”

Mary Lou Lord


“I am drawn in by Jim’s emotional and handsome voice—he sounds a lot like Lyle Lovett and looks a bit like Elvis Costello! The arrangements are beautiful, the lyrics are original, and the songs have a flying feeling. It has a soft, country/rock sound, likeable melodies and hooks, and an expansive feeling of love.

My favorite song is “Lucky Enough.” I bet Lyle Lovett would want to record it: “I live in my truck ’cause I like it that way/ I throw old bread on the roof of my truck and I can hear the birds when they take it away.” This is a spare song, just Jim’s voice, an acoustic guitar, and a national steel guitar.

These are message songs, reflecting a life of thought and prayer. I suspect Jim is a man of faith, but he doesn’t clobber the listener with the message. He hints though, especially in the song, “Hold Onto Hope.” He sings a line from the old song, “We Are One in the Spirit”: “…and they’ll know we are Christians by our love..” I believe him.”

Kimmy Sophia Brown for The Noise, Boston